Discovering Celine

Six months ago I discovered Celine; not the singer, the French writer. Actually I discovered his existence decades ago when my world lit up with Henry Miller’s work. Miller admired and respected Celine who had two novels published during the thirties when Miller was living in Paris. But it was only recently that I decided to read this great writer. A side note; Miller’s admiration for Celine was not returned. Celine considered Miller a pale imitator of…you guessed it-Celine. I think that’s a bit harsh; influenced yes, imitator no. By the way, I used that one ellipsis out of respect for the author.

Anyway, if you’ve never read Celine, treat yourself. For my money, (and who else’s would I use) Celine and Joyce used the written word more creatively than any other twentieth century writer.


2 thoughts on “Discovering Celine

  1. Your sentence “my world was lit up by Henry Miller’s work” caught my attention. Mine was too, back in the 1970ies. I am over 60 now, but Miller was a presence in my life then, and your words brought back the feeling. THANKS.


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